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Lipoliquid by Liquid Lipo oral Appetite Suppressant 100ml bottle lasts 2 months based on 20 drops a day


Recommended Dosage:

20 drops 2x a day under your tongue or mix with 200ml water. This can be increased or decreased based on your bodies response.


This tincture aims to reduce appetite thanks to the specially crafted combination of ingredients. Should be taken with food.


Great for pre post and menopausal women as they have more estrogen and more estrogen reduces a woman's ability to burn energy after eating resulting in more fat being stored around the body


Main Ingredients



Which is found in a number of plants including barberry plants helps curb appetite and improve blood sugar levels resulting in weightless known as nature's Ozempic barberry mimics the GLP-1 hormone response but AMPK also stimulates and regulates sugar , insulin resistance without the side effects on digestion and fecal compaction associated with skinny pens protects the gastrinal tract by reducing toxins and bacteria. Reduces hypertension Improves glucose metabolism


High grade green tea leaves

Compliments liquid liposuction topical also containing catechin which breaks down excess fat and increases energy expenditor


Fenugreek seeds

To speed up fat cell breakdown and slow down intestinal fat absorption. It is also a source of the amino acid 4-hydroxyisoleucine which may increase the release of insulin and assist in controlling blood sugar levels


Contains Caffeine


Contraindications - You should not take this problem if any of the conditions below relate to you:


  • Alcohol dependent (This product contains a very small percentage of alcohol. This will be removed when added Lipo Liquid to hot water 
  • .Blood pressure medication
  • .Blood thinners
  • .Blood sugar medication
  • .Pregnancy or Breatfeeding


This product is made using fresh ingredients meaning that stock is only dispatched on a monthly basis. Please be aware that any orders placed may be dalyed due to this. You will automatically be allocated stock from the next available stock.

Lipo Liquid Oral

Expected to be dispatched 6th May
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